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    Where to buy a Hard drive in NYC ?
    Hello from France

    A friend of mine will spend 2 days in NYC next week. As he's a good friend he asked me if he could bring/buy something for me when he was there.

    So does someone know a good adress where I could find a 200 Go 7200 rpm SATA Hard Drive (hitachi, WD or Seagate) for my MB C2duo ?

    I've noticed good prices at OWC (109$ for the Hitachi Travelstar), unfortunately they don't have shops, they only suggest me to order via their website and put as the shipping adress the hotel my friend will stay...very easy and comfortable, but not 100% sure for the delivery.

    I've already found B&H and JR shops but they don't have theses ones, or with a very big price difference.

    Thanks for your help

    For informations, the prices you have in the US $ generally equal the price here in , so just add 50% for the rate of change...
    Come to Paris for fun but don't expect to make good deals !!!!

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    I would check and ensure it arrives to your friend's hotel/location during his stay. 7200 SATA

    newegg usually ship from either California (CA) or New Jersey (NJ). NJ to NY is 1 day delivery with UPS ground, CA to NY is 3 days UPS ground or less depending on what you choose (1 or 2 day air).

    Hope this is of help. Safe and happy trip for your friend !

    ps. of course the same rule applies for OWC but they're in Chicago, Illinois (IL). IL to NY is usually 2-3 days UPS ground, less by air.

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