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    EPSON DX9400F All-in-one will not scan
    I recently bought a MBP and the 1TB Time Capsule. Switched to MAC for many reasons, no virus, portability, ease of use, etc. I also replaced my printer with the EPSON DX9400F and have it working in an ethernet network, through the Time Capsule, with my MBP and two other Windows PCs. All the machines can print through the network, but no machine can use the scanning function. Printer is connected in the USB port on the Time Capsule. I've updated all the drivers on each machine, Windows machines using Bonjour and Mac using airport utility on the Time Capsule. All machines can find the printer and can print. I also downloaded the new version of EPSON Scan Utility, reinstalled on the machines, still no luck. Does anyone have a solution?

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    There's another post about remote (or network) scanning - from memory the answer was that you cannot scan, only print. Suggest you search the forum using appropriate keywords.

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