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    PC Keyboard on MBP
    I am new here,have bought MBP 2 weeks ago.
    I switched from IBM T41 PC notebook,and installed XP on my Mac.

    I am impressed with look,alu housing,display,and perfect sound.
    But I have to use external mouse and Logitech Ultra X keyboard because I miss several functions on my Mac :
    Home,End button,
    Page up,Page down button,
    Delete button,
    Tap to click.
    Also,there was Back and Forward button above cusror buttons on my IBM for Internet Browsers.

    Does Apple consider installing new keyboard for PC users,as I see growing number of PC users buying Mac/Windows?

    Also,I can not forget feel of IBM's keyboard and perfect touchpad.


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    Having been a PC\Unix user for many years it was difficult at first to get used to an Apple keyboard. However, I now find that I like my Apple aluminum external keyboard as much as I did my old IBM.

    I don't believe Apple is going to re-design its keyboard in order to favor users who install Windows on Intel Macs. Just as I don't believe they'll provide a hardware eject mechanism for media. But since we don't know what lies ahead in the future there's no point in speculating.

    Send a suggestion to Apple and make your wishes known.


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