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    Talking Making image from a new mac?

    I just bought a Macbook and installed programs and stuff on it, took me a while to do it.

    I was wondering if some of you guys on this forum knew how to make a image from the macbook itself into a CD/DVD or a HD.
    If you do, could you guys give me link or name to the program (free or demo)and a guide would be nice.

    I dont want to install all these programs again, so just having a image would be very nice and spare me time if something happends to my macbook

    Thanks in advance

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    Buy an external USB or Firewire hard drive at least as large as the hard drive of your MacBook and use one the very good cloning programs available:

    Carbon Copy Cloner =

    SuperDuper =

    There's also Time Machine which comes with Leopard. Learn how to use it.


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    Thanks for reply, going to try out the programs you listed.
    I have a Firewire cable and a HD on 70 GB.
    If I manage to make a backup of my macbook, are you able to use the backup (image?) on other macbooks/mine with help of another macbook and disk untilities?

    Thanks ion advance!

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