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    Why am I having trouble having my Mac Pro files transferring to a PC?
    Even if I have Quick time on the PC, I cannot get a Mac 250 gig of source .mov files to be seen or accessible to be viewable on the PC.

    I wish the hard drive would show up.

    I hate the PC I have and rarely use it but every so often I have to brings something into a PC. In this case they are source .mov files that I created for a DVD. These are large source files first created on an AVID system and turned into QT for preparation for the DVD. The files range from 2.2 gig to over 8 gig each.

    I feel like an idiot or that I have forgotten something but I know I am making the right steps and still doing something wrong.

    This is my first post....HELP!!!! Thanks in advance.

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    I gather you're trying to move or copy files from your Mac to the PC in order to view them on the PC. The first thing to remember is if your PC hard drive is formatted to FAT-32, any *.mov file that's ~4 Gb or larger can not be moved or copied since FAT-32 is limited to a file size of around 4 Gb. Other than that there should be no difficulty to move or copy files to the PC and view them with QuickTime for Windows.


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