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    G4 Mirror Door, 1.25GHz hard drive almost full (?)
    My Mirrored drive g4's stock 80GB drive is almost full. I've archived all I can but notice its still quite near capacity. I would like to go for a bigger HD, but I don't have time to reinstall everything. What are my options?

    I was leaning towards just yanking out the current drive and putting in a brand new blank hard drive. And then connect the old one and use it for just file handling. Has anyone done this?

    Any thoughts of installing the new OS on another dirvw, what to watch out for.

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    Buy an external case with Firewire, pop you current drive in that and install a new say 320GB HDD and clone with SuperDuper. Then you can use the old drive as you see fit. A back up is essential however inmho.

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