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    Question USB Micro Card Reader Help
    I've now tried 3 USB Micro Memory Card Readers that haven't shown up when I plug them into the USB port on my Powerbook. All claim on the packaging to work with Mac OS X 10.1 and above, and I have 10.3.9. I'm trying to set up to transfer music and images between my computer and blackberry.

    I thought at first the problem was with my computer, but I tried the readers on other macs and they didn't show up.

    Any thoughts? Have you had success with specific readers?


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    This question might seem a bit dumb and i am sorry about that but still ... do you have a memory card in the reader when testing it ? Are you sure the actual memory card works ?
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    I have the same problem with one of my memory cards. if I use a USP multi connector the card is not recognized, if i plug in my camera the iMac sees the card just fine.

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    I bought the 1GB micro SD from newegg. don't know the brand but it came with the TINY reader for around $8.00 (yes eight).

    works great on my PB g4 12" (10.4.11) don't know about 10.3.9 though... I thought my OS was dated...

    when posting you should also include what computer you are using. If the USB dongle is USB 2.0 only (not likely, but hey---possible) and your mac is only USB 1.1 then no, it will not work. this could be a hardware and not software problem.

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