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    tv tuner
    I'm going off to college and I wanted to watch some tv so I was looking into some tv tuners, but some off it doesn't make since. So I thought I would drop a line and ask you guys. Thx

    I'm looking for a tv tuner that can do antinae and coaxal calbe. I have looked at the elagot, but they are epensive. $140 for one. I also have looked at another one, but I got confused with it. Thank for the help. Suggestions and advice welcomed.

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    Here's one place you can look:

    TV tuners in general are not going to be inexpensive. Expect to pay anywhere from $120 on up. As for using one from an antenna, forget it. With all digital TV coming into play next February, I wouldn't worry about it. A good tuner which can do cable, satellite, and record programs like a TiVo is what you want.


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    I have an El Gato EyeTV Hybrid and I absolutely love it. I can easily record and edit my shows for on my Mac or iPhone, which for me is a huge bonus. The included component/S-Video cable also lets me hook up my old Nintendo 64, which I'm having a blast with. It's a tad rough on the wallet, but overall it's a great product that is well worth the cost.

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    I am also running an EyeTV and love it! Works great, never had a problem with it at all.
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