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    Logitech S530 Keyboard Problem
    Hi there, i seem to be having a slight problem with my Logitech S530 keyboard.

    Both the mouse and the keyboard work fine, but the problem is my keyboard has TERRIBLE range issues.

    If it isn't literally a couple of Centimetres away from the receiver, it won't register any of the keys typed on the keyboard.

    The mouse on the other hand, has no problems from a distance...

    I've tried repairing the devices, but to no avail..

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Are you running a wireless router in the same area as the keyboard and mouse? I was having the same trouble with my apple mouse and keyboard (via bluetooth) and I was able to fix the solution when I changed the channel on the router to a different setting. It's worth a shot if you have a wireless router in the same area. Best of luck <><
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    Thanks for the quick response mate.. Unfortunately that didn't seem to do the trick.... But thanks for the reply in any case!

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