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    mac connected to tv...but image 'glitches' ?
    I have my macbook connected to my 42" lcd tv.

    with a separate 'windows' bootcamp hard drive,

    solely to play a flight sim.

    on the macbook/windows partition the sim works perfectly,

    but when i put the game on the tv the refresh rate seems to be lagging?

    ive tried changing a bunch of settings but have arrived at my best attempt.

    and it still lags/refreshes too slowly, its a kind of horizontal line that scrolls upwards, it gets worse when im flying fast.

    is this a mac driver, windows driver or tv driver?

    where do i look and in which hardrive to try and resolve this issue?

    any help/ideas appreciated

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    It could be a matter of setting the correct resolution for your 42" LCD display.

    For optimal performance - resolution, color depth, refresh, and aspect ratio, the 42" LCD display should be driven at its native resolution. What is its native resolution and do you have your graphics display options set to that resolution?

    If you already have the 42" display set for its native resolution, then it's possible the display is too slow. You can determine how fast the display is by looking up its spec in your user manual.


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    got it figured out

    not exactly sure what i did?

    great fun.

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