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    IOGear 2-port USB KVM Switch
    Does anyone have any experience with these? I got my aunt set up with one because she just got a Mac Mini for her home computer. She wanted to use a KVM switch between it and her work laptop since she already had a monitor and a wireless keyboard/mouse.

    Here's the deal:

    There are 2 USB ports on the switch, one is meant for the keyboard, other obviously, for the mouse. She has a nice Logitech keyboard and mouse that only uses ONE usb port, so would I be able to hook up the printer to the other one and have it work too? I know I could always share out the printer, but I figured this would be easier.

    We can't seem to figure out the hotkeys to switch between computers yet because she has a windows-based keyboard for the Mac.

    The other issue is we completely forgot about her ethernet cable. She doesn't have wireless so we need some type of splitter and I didn't know if anyone out there uses one to split a single ethernet connection into two. Does it make the internet any slower?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Don't know if you still need help on this...
    No idea about the printer, but the ethernet is easy. Juts pick up a wired router. You can get them on ebay for a few bucks. If you'd like you can try a big box store but if you pay more than $30 for a wired router you're getting ripped off. Don't forget to pick up a few lengths of cat 5 cable to run from the router to the PC and Mac.

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