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    cannot mount blank Philips CD-R 52x disk
    I have an eMac with a DVD/CD-RW combo drive running OS X 10.3.6. I want to burn some files to a cd rom disk. When I insert the disk, a new Philips CD-R 52x disk, it is ejected with the messasge "Error code 536870208".
    I am able to burn songs in iTunes to the disk, by first starting itunes, selecting the songs, and choosing "burn to disk", but I cannot play that disk on the eMac , nor see it when I insert it, nor play it on an audio cd rom player. Strangely, I can see and play that disk on a PC (windows xp).
    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    are you sure the cdr is for cd burners and not cd recorders? a cd burner is that is on the computer, a cd recorder is a stereo component, you connect it to tape decks, recievers and other audio equipment.

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    Many thanks. I was not aware of the difference. Back to the store I go!

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