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    iMac and the mini-DVI to VGA adapter
    So I was out at the local Apple Store trying to get an Apple mini-DVI to VGA adapter so as to add an old Dell monitor I had lying around to my iMac. I did a few minutes research before leaving and when I got to the Apple store I asked the "genius" for exactly what I needed, explaining that I needed it for a G5. The "genius" brings out a mini-DVI to VGA adapter - seemingly exactly what I needed. I thank him a couple times, purchase my items and leave. When I get home I find that the adapter I got was not what I needed. It didn't fit, and for about two hours I did research, attempting to find where I had gone wrong. The Apple store and site both refer to all the Apple DVI ports as simply "DVI" or "mini-DVI", though it isn't ever that simple. The G5, as I found out in a very obscure post from the Apple site, has a minutely different shape and size from the DVI adapter they gave me.

    In short, I needed something called the VGA display adapter. And not the mini-DVI to VGA adapter. Initially I started the post in search of help but now that I've figured it out, I hope this helps someone else.

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    Just in case someone out there may be interested, when I went to my local Best Buy looking for Mac things, there was a third party adapter available for mini DVI to TV, composite or S.

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