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    MacBook: Install SuperDrive?
    Hey everyone! Hope things are going great for each of you. I just have a quick question as I'm not very knowledgeable in the hardware arena of computers.

    I currently have this White MacBook that has a regular CD burner/DVD ROM drive. It's just not able to burn DVDs. Hence, I really would like to add a DVD burner to the MacBook.

    So my questions are: 1) Is it possible? If so, can you point me in the direction of a good place to purchase the Super Drive? 2) Is it better just to sell this MacBook and purchase one that does have one already factory installed?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Take a look here:

    You can price a superdrive which will burn DVDs and at the same time look at the installation instructions.


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    superdrive upgrade
    i wouldn't bother, get an external with firewire, there cheaper, less hassle and you can hang on to it if you sell your apple later. make sure you get firewire because you can't boot from usb if catastrophe strikes.
    good luck

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    Complete agreement with Steve. I recommend the Pioneer brand of optical drive, because it works really well with Mac; and the 115D model, because it will burn dual layer disks.

    If and when you buy an enclosure, get the combo USB-Firewire type with an Oxford chipset. There have been several firewire compatibility problems reported with other enclosures. The best place to go for your purchases is probably OWC

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