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    BOOTCAMP - won't partition

    I recently installed Leopard. Now I want to Partition my drive to install Windows. However when I try it says "Files cannot be moved, back up and format"

    I've backed up in Time Machine, tried to format, but the Erase tab won't let me select anything and either way I'm worried if it formats, i'll lose Leopard and won't have time machine to get my back up!!

    what do i do????? because if i format it i wont have leopard which means no bootcamp but if i restore my files to get bootcamp, i wont be able to partition because the files that cannot be copied will be back, so catch 22, help!!

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    Go to Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp and print the pdf on the first page there - "Boot Camp Installation & Guide.pdf" It will tell you exactly how to install Boot Camp and then Windows. Read and heed! Otherwise do it right the second time, it's finicky...

    If there are some errant files on the hard drive and you can't partition because of them, you'll have to back up your entire hard drive to an external, re-format and restore, then use Boot Camp. Try using SuperDuper to do the backup instead of time machine. It will save your HDD as a bootable backup, and free use to that. After the backup, no reason you can't erase the hard drive and re-format.


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