I bought a Mediasonic IDE hard drive enclosure with a Genesys GL 811E chipset. The blasted thing wouldn't work with any of my hard drives above 80GB. A Seagate 250GB and a Western Digital 320GB drive would cause the activity light to go green for a few seconds, and then solid orange. Usually it's green when idle, and orange during activity. I exchanged this enclosure for the so-called "higher-end" version, and still the same problem. I later found out it uses the same chipset.

Anyway, will this enclosure work with my 250GB Seagate drive?

I'm using the drive with Windows XP Home Edition. The jumpers are set to Master.

I plugged this drive into my fellow geek's Linux box, and ran the "dmesg" command. The geek said that the drive was not detected.

Thanks for your help!!