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    SuperDrive Error
    I had some edges of an audio CD break off while ripping it into the iTunes library. Looks like I got the biggest pieces out, but there are still some small pieces churning in the SD. Anyone know a good way to get these pieces out. This is my first iMac and I'm a bit tentative to open it up and start grabbing at parts I'm unfamiliar with.


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    I'd say best thing is to take it back to your apple store

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    superdrive error
    look on the bright side, if you open her up, you can pop in a bigger hdd while your'e there, my 3yr old posted all my plastic into the slot loader, so i had to open up to retrieve them, so i whacked in a 160 gig hdd (biggest available at that time) a good upgrade on 60 gig.
    good luck

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