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    Question 1tb External Hard Drive
    Hi guys,

    Just bought a 1tb My Book Premium Edition 2 external hard drive. It was pre-formatted to NFHS, but I switched it to Raid 0 HFS+. However, the other option is Raid 1 HFS+. Should I have used that option? I am running off a MacBook Pro with Leopard. The other two options listed to choose from were Fat32, which i dont want. Any advice? If I should have chosen Raid 1, or stick with Raid 0?
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    RAID 1 would be too much if you're using the external for backup. RAID 1 would use HD as capacity and the other HD to make a mirror copy of the second. So setting up RAID 1 as backup means the first HD would be backup of the laptop HD and the second HD would be a backup to the backup.

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    i would not have picked any raid option. normally a portable drive is left un connected, not powered up. this should be enough to extend its life time indefinite.

    this file system has a numbering scheme that can not even come close to describing a 1T dirve. fat32 was retired when drives got >100gig, yours is 1,000 gig. dont use fat32.

    this is the striping process shared between 2 drives. it haves the life time of the pair and improves the access speed. if speed is critical you can get it by doing this

    writes data redundant on two drives as a pair. improves reliability somewhat because if one fails you have a backup. even if one has a sector fail it can be rebuilt off the good drive. very easy for both to fail unlike a raid5 setup

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