reference; macbookpro, 4gig 10.5.3

bluetooth kb:

Apple bluetooth keyboard:
it dropped random characters while typing. also it has the same layout as the macbookpro key set. no delete key or anything extra, just a bare keyboard. small desktop foot print tho. good grab and run size, mechanically solid and thin. no rechargeable batteries. Apple extended me a full cash return. easy to pair and took a bt security number.

Logitech Divito Edge:
did not drop characters while typing. good layout of keys, no caps-lock led indicator, large desk top foot print and ment for office use but it has a built in touch pad. it has rechargeable batteries, they last a long time per charge and 5min of charging is a few hours of use. the charger base is bulky and fits the kb odd. primarily a windows kb but 90% of the keys worked on the mac. i usually have the vmware virtual environment running Ubuntu linux so a pure mac key layout is just ghayness. a mac application ControllerMate could clean up none working keys in osx tho. the kb is mechanically well made, solid and thin. it is expensive. i tried to use to find the lowest cost retailer but their fedex shipping required a signature in person so i just bought from easy to pair and took bt security number. everyone says the Logitech edge lasts long, works well.

bluetoogh mose:

RadTech bt600:
this is a bluetooth mouse. comes with AA size rechargeable batteries that you could replace easy. charges fast and the charger circuit gets its power from a usb connector you could plug into the macbook and the mouse works while re charging. some of the mosue buttons (center and left side buttons are mechanically stiff. other buttons work ok tho. on a macbookpro the mouse tracking action is odd, osx 10.5.3 has no good setting, may resolve by installing their mac driver software or again maybe ControllerMate could work. the mouse has led(s) to indicate charging conditions but they are dim lit. it has a on off button up front that some people may not like. the bt500 is a reduced size unit, maybe its side keys more better but the overall size of the bt600 was functional. its bluetooth was easy to pair, no bt security setting but its a mouse. RadTech does not have a reputation of good mechanical reliability?