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    Can you use a PowerBook or MacBook as a monitor for a Mac mini?
    Hi - just what it says in the title - I've just bought a mac Mini, and wondered if I can use either my PowerBook G4 (1.25 Ghz) or my brand new black Macbook as a monitor for it.

    If so, how is it done?

    Much obliged for any help.


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    Sorry, you can not use any laptop's display as an external monitor. The Video jacks on your Macbook and Powerbook are Video Out to an external monitor for the MB or PB. It's that way with any notebook that I have seen also.

    I would suggest a external flat panel display for the Mini or depending on what you will be using the Mini for, plug it into your home entertainment system. I use one that way for playback of videos through my main Sony WEGA and it works great.

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