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Thread: Drobo Owners?

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    Drobo Owners?
    I was wondering if there are any Drobo owners on the forum? I'm going to be purchasing one of the new 2nd Generation Drobo's and wanted to know what current 1st generation Drobo Owners thought of the units.


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    I'm a first generation Drobo user for about three months. I've used it as a back up solution, and to store my Aperture library. It does setup easily, and even the first generation unit (USB2 only) was usable for Aperture. Yes, it is a little slow, especially for video.

    My main issue with it is that only three months after installing it, I lost everything on it. Data Robotics support was slow, and largely clueless, only repeatedly asking me to reboot the unit, and send diagnostic files.

    Unfortunately, the unit died in such a way that the Dashboard (the software used to monitor it) couldn't connect, and therefore couldn't generate a diagnostic.

    Two weeks after reporting the issue, they gave up.

    If you do buy one, be sure to maintain a good backup strategy, and copy everything on the unit somewhere else.

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