I'm at wit's end trying to solve this problem. I have a Western Digital 200gb drive that I've been using for storing media. Yesterday, the drive wouldn't eject (as sometimes items won't). However, when i plugged it back in, OSX (Leopard) won't mount the drive. Here are some specifics.

1--the device shows up in Disk Edit, but not with the particular volume name (i.e. it just lists as 189 GB WDC...etc".). As such, it won't let me run verify or repair options. Sometimes, the drive does register in Disk Edit with the volume name, but it is grayed out (and unmounted), and verify/repair seems to hang...

2--it is not the USB cable, or the port--I've tried a thumb-drive in the slot and OSX picks it up immediately.

3--I've to use a number of salvage programs to view the drive's contents, but with no luck--I haven't done anything other than try to mount or peek at the contents using them.

I've read about FSCK on a couple of message boards, but am not an experienced command-line user enough to figure it out.

Is there anything I can do at the command/terminal level, to get the disk to remount? Is there any way short of sending out the drive for salvage, to get access to the drive's content?

Would appreciate any input/insight some of you more experienced mac users might be able to shed on this problem. I'd really hate to lose over 100gb of media i have stored on the drive...

Many thanks!