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    Mouse drag issue

    New to Mac so bear with me...

    I have a wireless mouse and basically when I'm moving my mouse forwards the window that is open (Safari browser, Mail etc) goes to the top of the monitor each time! Very annoying . I then have to click the window, which is just visible, to get it back
    Could someone please help me out? How do you turn off this function?



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    I think you're talking about the expose function?
    Like when you move your mouse (be it wireless, wired, or trackpad) to a certain corner of the screen, you can see all the windows that is open at a glance. Then to get the window you want in full view, you have to click on it.

    This isn't a problem with your mouse, it's a very good function that Mac has over PC.
    Anyways, to turn it off you would go to
    System Preferences -> Expose & Spaces -> Expose -> Active Screen Corners
    You can turn it off or set it to whatever you want.
    It's actually a very convenient function once you get used to it.
    I am the technologically challenged squirrel.

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    Thanks for that. I'm sure its a useful function but everytime I tried moving the cursor towards say the menu bars at the top of screen it inadvertently got rid of the window...this just kept on happening every time! If there is a way of doing this only when you want to, then I might consider using it.


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