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    Recommended Keyboard
    I'm looking to purchase a keyboard.

    What i would like is:
    Possibly backlit (not 100% necessary)
    Works with Mac OS X (also not 100% necessary)
    Has to work with XP
    Prefer to be Slim or something of that sort dont really like the ergonomics
    would be nice if it came with a mouse
    has to be USB

    Let me know any recommendations, Thanks!

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    How about the Apple aluminum keyboard?
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    Apple's aluminum keyboard is awesome, I like it better than my Logitech G11... If you have an Apple store nearby, go try one out. Just watch out for that Mighty Mouse, worst mouse ever...

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    Well i have a old mac key board that im using right now but my PC that i will be using it on really does not agree with it. Also, i have a mighty mouse and love it lol, it just doesnt work with the PC

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    any others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gta3005 View Post
    any others?
    see my new today review post, this section:
    kb=Logitech dinovo edge
    mouse=RadTech bt600

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