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    Mac Mini Surround Sound??
    I have a Mac Mini, and use it as a media center for my movies, but I would like to get a good set of speakers, such as these:

    Sorry for the long link... However, my Mac has only 1 optical audio output and no space for expansion (due to its size). Can I have a speaker setup like that or would I have to purchase a different kind of speakers?

    Thanks very much for your time,

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    Well, you probably could use those speaker but you are going to need an external sound card like this one...

    It's on sale and many people hear have been using them, not me so I can't confirm how well it works. If you are using it for movies and such you should be considering a home theater package with a receiver/amp and speakers but that a bit more mola.

    Either way to get surround sound you'll need an external sound card.

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