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    Best Printer for $100 Rebate
    Hey everyone. I am going to be buying a macbook soon (my first mac) and am planning on buying a printer at the same time in order to get the $100 rebate. I was wondering what you all thought the best printer (I am going to be mostly using it for printing school work and paper - I guess having a scanner would be nice too but not really necessary) in the $100-150 range would be. Obviously if it was only $100 it would be nice since it would be free, but I'd be willing to pay up to another $50 if it was really worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison486 View Post
    I was wondering what you all thought the best printer ... in the $100-150 range would be.
    Brand - Canon
    Type - MP (MultiPurpose) Pixma (a.k.a. All-In-One)
    You say you don't really need the scanning and photocopying, but you won't regret having them if they're there.
    (See second row of printers.)

    I've used several brands of printers and Canon tops the lot for general purpose home use. Having said that, I use a Brother laser printer just for text printing - good quality.

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