Hey there, in our lab they have an old mac running OS 8 that has an HP Deskwriter 600 attached. Well the old printer is on it's last leg and needs to go away but the mac is here to stay for a while. The Deskwriter 600 uses the old din-8 serial connection which is impossible to find on new printers, so I set out on a search for a string of cables, adapters and converters to make a new hp 5650 work with the old mac. I found a cable made by belkin that is a din-8 to db-25 pin serial cable and an Aten SXP325 serial to parallel converter. The connection is basically:

Mac printer port -> Din-8 to db-25 cable -> Aten SXP325 serial to parallel converter -> printer's parallel port.

I don't seem to get any communication between the printer and the computer. With the printer connected, I go to chooser and when I select serial connection, it pauses for a few seconds then tells me to check the cables and make sure the device is turned on. The Aten SXP325 has dip switches to adjust for transfer speed, handshake type, data/stop bits and parity. I tried a few different configurations but never got anywhere. Has anyone out there tried this type of setup with any luck?