Hi forum,

I tried searching for another thread with the same issue but haven't found one yet, so here goes.

Is there a reason why my lacie drives are powering on when connected to a quad-core macpro that is shut down? What's even more weird is that some of the drives comes with the on/off switch, and they are powering on even with the switch in the off position. And no matter how I try, I can't get the drives to work in auto mode (turning on and off with the computer)...

I tried the same drives with my powerbook as well as a dual-core macpro and they are working as they should. if the computer is off, I can plug in the drive and it would be off as well... and all of the drives work in auto mode.

Is it a setting issue? Why would the drives power on even if the computer is off???

Any advice, or help would be greatly appreciated