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    Hooking My Macbook Up To My TV, A Horror Story
    So I want to hook up my macbook to my tv. It has S-VIDEO, HDMI, and standard RCA/Component inputs. I was wondering:

    What will give me the best picture/resolution? (I assume HDMI)
    The best way to hook it up?
    What do I need?

    I bought the mini dvi to video adapter made my a company called Dynex from best buy where I just bought my TV today. I tried it in two tvs with no success. I even brought the new tv back and got another and still nothing. Apple said it was a bad connector, so I learned my lesson and will only buy the Apple branded product from now on =)
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    I hooked my MacBook up to a TV for the first time in the last 2 weeks. I went from mini div to vga.

    I connected up, turned on TV and switched input to the VGA - nothing.

    Checked the cables - they seemed fine - still nothing.

    Went to system preferences and I think (on a PC at minute) the option is called screen savers & displays. OS X seemed to know there were 2 monitors attached but still nothing out to TV. I changed the display prefs for second monitor from mirror to extended (sorry can't remember exact terms used). My TV flicked into life and I had an extended desktop. I changed the option back to mirror which was now also working fine and then back to extended as it was better for me to be able to use the MacBook display for one thing and output a Quicktime movie using the TV.

    So to recap:

    go to system prefs.
    go to displays
    toggle the options relating to mirrowed desktop
    choose whats best for you (assuming it works).

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