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    I recently bought a PowerMac G4 mirror door and have a standard flat panel monitor and the image looks awful. The picture is not crisp, clean, and just looks worse than my old crappy dell. This is the first Mac I have ever worked with so i know close to nothing about these things. Is there any way to get the monitor I have or another non apple monitor to get the great image I have heard about or do I have to get a Mac display?

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    For an LCD to look it's BEST it needs to run at it's native resolution, for say my 17 inch standard LCD it was 1280x1024, for my three 22 inch widescreens it's 1680x1050, what I would do it track down the documentation of your LCD screen to find it's native resolution setting and then in System Preferences under Display, set the display to the native resolution.
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