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    Dazzle for Mac Help!
    I've recently bought the Pinnacle Systems Capture Card for Mac! Now it works with the Pinnacle Systems Video Capturing software but I want this device to work under iMovie 08 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3!

    Now so far these applications cannot find the Dazzle capture card and I'm a bit worried that I can't get it work! Can someone please help me set up this card with Premier Pro CS3 and iMovie?

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    In my experience, Dazzle doesn't work with Mac.

    Then again, I could never get Dazzle to work at all. So if you can figure it out, I would love to find out more as well.

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    Have a look at Video Capture Software. Video, Webcam or Screen Recorder. It says it works with the Dazzle USB based capture devices so perhaps it works with your product as well. I downloaded it recently to try with a different card. If I remember correctly there is a time limited demo that could be used to test things.
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