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    Trouble transferring Maxtor 2 external drive from PC to Mac
    Apologize for lengthy message, to give you full info.

    I removed a 4-year old Maxtor 2 external HD (300GB) from my 9-year old Dell PC (which I am donating) and attached it to my new iMAC 2.8 GB (750GB HD - 10.5 Leopard OS) using a Firewire 800 connection and exact MAC installation disk procedures twice - with no major problems (I only had to "fix" some minor file, and "initialize" to have the MAC recognize the volume). The volume and "Retrospect Express" appear in the "Applications" folder, and this disk appears also in "Disk Utility" folder as "279.5 GB Maxtor" and "disk2s3". I don't know whether the PC format is NFTS or Fat32.

    However, a) No "New Volume" icon appears on the MAC desktop, and therefore I cannot access the files; b) When I "verified disk" under "First Aid" got following response: "Checking Non-journaled HFS Plus volume. Invalid B-tree node size. Volume check failed. Error: File system verify or repair failed"; c) I read in the Maxtor guide that two or more partitions should be created on the Maxtor for a "bootable backup", and to format for MAC, but I'm afraid that the Maxtor's current "Microsoft Office" and photo files may be erased, and I don't know if this will help the MAC recognize the Maxtor HD in order to access its files. I don't know how to back-up the files not on the Maxtor - the PC has run out of memory.

    By the way, the Maxtor drive has probably 50-75GB of files from the PC (I believe the files are less than 4GB each). I want preferably to be able to a) Access the files from the MAC desktop; b) Failing that, to access them on my "Parallels XP Home SP2" desktop (which works fast and beautifully) - or on both desktops if possible because I'm using a PC web site program to incorporate photos (or does it matter?); or c) Copy the files onto the MAC HD, and use the Maxtor for backups, or additional storage.

    What should I do? Very much appreciate your always fast and helpful responses!


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    Adding to previous post: the PC format is NTFS, not FAT 32. And I have used 167 GB on the 300 GB Maxtor external drive. Tried again, but still won't show on the Apple desktop, but reverted to the PC with no problems.


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