Unfortunately it can't be returned because it was purchased a little over a year ago.

Here's what it's doing: After being on for a little under 2 hours, the screen gets quite hot on top (I can hold my hand on it but it's not comfortable). The rest of the monitor stays a mild warm. When it gets hot like this, the top 2" of the screen slightly flicker and you have to really look and focus closely to notice it and it only lasts for a minute or two at a time. The obvious thing to do is turn it off every 30 minutes or so but it quickly heats up and goes about its flickering again when you turn it on. What really bothers me is that this screen hasn't been used before until a few days ago (it sat in its box for a year due to giving away our previous Macbook). Has anyone heard of this before? Is this a sign of this screen's gloomier future?