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Thread: best "19 lcd hdtv for MacBook Pro

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    Unhappy best "19 lcd hdtv for MacBook Pro

    i've done a heap of reading on this forum and others trying to fathom the mysteries of mac laptop to lcd hdtv connectivity...

    it appears apple's macbook pro suffers in standards and compatibility... suffice to say i will require a DVI to HDMI adapter or this cable:

    to connect my 17" macbook pro to a lcd hdtv...

    moreover i'm obliged to utilize another cable to achieve audio... (thanks a lot macbook pro) something like this i'm led to believe:

    my question is this. is there anywhere an online thread or review/topic that RECOMMENDS the species of lcd hdtv that will work with the macbook pro? one that has the necessary audio input plug? or one (brand) that has proven to meet the obscure macbook pro requirements?

    these tv's are expensive and i'm looking for one in the $300 range.

    any help or directions to illuminating links would be greatly appreciated.


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    why specifically a TV?

    BTW DVI is still a computer standard, HDMI isn't. It's a TV standard.
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    good question.

    i subscribe to netflicks and my mate has expressed a desire to get their new netflicks player device ($100) for instant view movies... why wait for the cd's in the mail...

    anyway... i have a macbook pro (circa late 2007) and hate to buy devices that are quickly obsolete... e.g. zip drive... and proposed the idea of purchasing a new lcd hdtv that can double as a computer monitor and also allow us to surf the net tv style.... from what little i understand the lcd hdtv is capable of doing this...

    frankly, i'm completely overwhelmed by this new technology and need help/advice.

    at the moment i'm looking at this model...

    Viewsonic DiamaniDuo NX2232w 22" 5ms LCD W/fully integrated HDTV/NTSC/QAM TV Tuner 300 nits (typ) 2400:1 DCR

    @ $369 it surpasses what i'd hope to spend... and more importantly will it work via my macbook pro?

    we live in a new age... the information age.

    thanks for your input/question.


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