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    Easy Mac-compatible Surveillance Cameras?
    Hello ...

    Yesterday I caught my neighbor's 14-year-old son shooting at one of my dogs—stood less that four feet away and fired five times (before I was able to stop him) with his air rifle pointed directly at my dog's face. It was pretty terrifying, not to mention illegal, but the kids' parents were remarkably unphased about him shooting at a neighbor's pet and didn't offer any assurances that it, or something worse, wouldn't happened again.

    I filed a police report, gave the parents a copy of it, etc. etc., but I'm really concerned/frightened that the kids behavior is going to get worse, especially since it's pretty likely his dad told him to go for it. I'd like to be able to monitor my backyard, but am having trouble finding a camera or system that looks like it'll work with my Mac and my (limited) skills.

    I need to be able to access the live feed remotely, and I need it to record in case something happens that I need to use as evidence. (It doesn't need to record for more than 8 hours at a time, just want to make sure I don't get in a situation where I see something I can't prove.)

    Any advice would be very, very appreciated!

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    See if that works. It looks pretty decent.

    Heres the website:

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