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    wireless speakers
    Hey guys, first post here and I didn't really know where to put it. I have a baseline MacBook and I'm looking for some sort of wireless speakers for it. A friend of mine had mentioned Bluetooth speakers but I can't really find them anywhere. Is there a way I can run external speakers with no wires coming from my Macbook? If so, any suggestions on what to get?

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    The option with best compatibility with macs which I know of is:

    Apple Airport Express..(I personally use this & I'm lovin it)
    (Pros: integrates easily into your OSX, also works as a router and print server Cons.: By default it only allows you to send iTunes Audio to the speakers, so you will need another third party app called Airtunes to be able to send all of your system & other applications like VLC or DVD PLayer Audio to the airport express connected speakers)

    Alternatively you can also use Logitech Wireless Music system for iPOD
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    you can google bluetooth speaker and order some online or look for bluetooth enabled stereos at your local dealer. But A2DP is not all that great when compared to using something like airport express like umang7888 suggested

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