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    MacBook HDTV audio question
    Hi guys,
    I'm new and ive read the other threads concerning connecting macbooks to hdtv, but im having a hard time understanding the audio. for the video, i got the mini-dvi to dvi adapter, and dvi-hdmi adapter, hdmi cable, and everything works fine. However, i read some threads and i bought a toslink cable, but it doesnt fit in my macbook or tv.
    can you guys help with specific details in what to do?

    1. do i need to buy an adapter for the toslink cable for my macbook audio jack?
    2. do i need to also buy an adapter to my hdtv for the toslink to somehow fit?
    3. did i buy the wrong cable?

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    you might have bought the wrong cable...for the macbook digital audio need a special kind of toslink thats pretty much the same shape as the regular headphone jack....what you need on the other side depends on what kind of input options your hdtv has...

    as far as analog audio can get a 3.5mm stereo jack (headphone jack) to an RCA pair (pair of two & white usually)
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    Unhappy sound problam
    Hi, I'm having problems getting sound from my macbook aluminum 13" to my tv. The tv is a Samsung R8 Series 37" LE37R87BD HD. i got picture up by running a dvi to hdmi to the tv. i have no problem with picture but i can't get any sound. I tried 3.5mm jack from macbook to tv 3.5mm jack. got no sound. so bought a 3.5mm Jack to 2 x RCA and still got no sound. i even ran the the jack through my home cinema system and to no luck.

    is anyone else having this problem and is there a solution?

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    Make sure you're using audio output from the correct jack. You should be taking the sound from the MacBook headphone output. It's very easy to confuse the headphone output jack with the mic input. Also take note of the previous reply regarding sound and the use of a toslink cable to obtain digital audio. If all you desire is analog, a normal cable will be OK.


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