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    Mighty Mouse is annoying
    Did they change these things recently? I had one before and it lasted alot longer than 2 weeks, in fact it never started acting up.

    But anyways when I got my Macbook a couple weeks ago, I got a wired mighty mouse to go with it because it was the best mouse ever when I had my Powermac. It worked fine, but now I notice that if theres two parts of my HAND touching ANYWHERE, it acts like im squeezing the side buttons and it brings up expose while im in the middle of something, ALL the time. Its so annoying, I can't even use it for 5 seconds without expose comming up. Is there some way to fix the "touchiness?" Im about to fix it by throwing it in the trash.
    - Richard

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    You can turn the side buttons off. Go to system preferences, keyboard and mouse, and then navigate to the mouse part. there should be five buttons showing the functions. go to the side buttons and change it from expose to nothing.
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