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    MacBook to Maxtor mess up
    I have 4 gb I wanna send to a Vista pc, and after giving up lan, we tried a Maxtor One Touch II.
    The problem is that I can only take files from it, not add..

    What to doo??

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    Is it formatted to FAT32?

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    It sounds like your Maxtor is formatted NTFS. Stock both OSX and Linux will only read with NTFS and no write. You can get Paragon software on OSX and it will allow both reading and writing to an NTFS Windows drive. There is another free solution also.

    Either that or format the Maxtor FAT32. Just a warning though, with FAT32 the Maximum SINGLE file size can be no larger than 4GB, but everything can read and write to it.

    The free NTFS driver is MacFuse. Do a search here on the forums and you should run into it.

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