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Thread: External Hard-Drives without AC Power

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    Jun 07, 2008
    External Hard-Drives without AC Power
    Are there any external hard-drives that don't need to be connected to a power outlet? Whether it be powered by some sort of lithium battery or by the power of my computer through a USB port doesn't matter. I'm just looking for something with big storage, best quality compression, and reliable.

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    yes there are look at any of the 2.5" external harddrives

    here are some examples that are at the apple online store. most of them are powered by usb. some do require power so check the system requirements.

    the biggest 2.5" usb powered hard drive at this time is 320 gb

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    Thanks for the help! Apple's next generation Time Capsule should be a portable FW800 powered one

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    Give USB the skip as it is much too slow, even USB2. Go with Firewire.

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    Yep.. I just got a 2.5" 320GB IOMEGA from Fry's for $119.. USB power only!
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    I recently bought an HP Pocket Media Drive 160GB for 99.99 at a BestBuy weekly sale. It still is a bit pricey for 160GB, but the external hard drive is very nice - slim, light weight, usb-powered and also comes with a nice zip-around case. It comes in larger capacity units, just more $$.


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