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    Apple TV or PS3?
    what is the benefit of Apple TV when it comes to the whole "Media TV" thing, when the PS3 can do the same in addition I can have the ability for BlueRay viewing and the occasional game play?

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    May 24, 2008
    god i love my ps3

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    god i wish i could afford a PS3.

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    Sep 04, 2007
    anyone else?

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    I must say go the PS3 route as well, I have never been so infatuated with a piece of electronic equipment in my home theater in such a long time.

    The thing is absolutely beautiful, and (knock on wood) bulletproof to boot!

    I will admit I was a 360 guy, and hated all over the Sony product. I was looking into Blu-ray and there really is only one option, the PS3... So I bought one, and I am not looking back, kind of like Apple Vs. PC, one is sexy and does what you want and beyond (PS3), the does what it wants to you...

    I know the comparison wasn't for gaming consoles, but I do not own a ATV setup so I cannot comment on that. Do whats best for your eyes and mind, buy the master at what it does right now. Sony all the way.

    I have more reasons, but I tried to make this short and sweet.

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    I would go ATV. You can download Hidef movies and keep them, store them on The ATV HD or by an External. Plus if you have old DVD's just rip to an external and send them over to ATV when you want to watch them. DVDv is going the way of the past. I just cant honestly build another library of DVD like was done with the VHS. I have been taking my DVD's and loading them on my harddrive storing them there for later use, iam currently using the 360 to stream them from my mac while i wait to save for my ATV. HDTV In 1080p is just that wether you watch it on a blue ray or download it.. No diffrence.

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