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    Looking for help with using my VX10000 (Voyager) cell phone as a modem
    Hello all, I have a question... I know there is a way to do this does any one have any idea how I can make it happen.

    I have a CMDA (Verizon Wireless) VX10000 Voyager cell phone (with data cable) and I would like to know what I have to do to allow my Macbook Pro to use it as a modem.

    I have searched the internet with very little success, so I am hoping that someone can help me out.


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    Use it through bluetooth. Set up your device in the mac bluetooth device setup and go from there. You might have to make your phone discoverable

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    Thanks for the reply, I tried that one hoping that it would work but had no luck. Any other suggestions, I have read in place that with the data cable it works on other phones.

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    Have your checked Haven't been there in a while, but there is lots of infor for just what you want to do. May not be easy, though. LG phones do not play nice with macs. Just wish I could get my EnV to work with iSync!

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    If you tether your phone to your mac, OS X should recognize it as an LG CDMA USB Modem. Click the Advanced button and change the Vendor to 'Other' which will change the model to the only option of 'Verizon Support'. Click OK, fill out the number and credentials and you are all set!

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