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    External HD with drives that come out to replace/add
    I saw on here at one point someone recommending a company that build's storage devices that fit hard drives. Its meant for safety as if one drive fails you simply pop it out and replace it. Can anyone recommend somethin like this and know where I can find it?

    Also do you think its worth the extra couple hundred bucks to go this route? I'm afraid of getting 1TB and having it fail 5 years from now losing everything.

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    I think you are talking about RAID, on that kind of drive you will have 2 Terabytes of storage across, say 4-8 drives. You will only be able to use 1 Terabyte because all your data is being duplicated across the drives.

    You can buy a raid system, or spend the money on 2 1 terabyte drives and set up a RAID system of 1 T using apples disk utility.

    That way - if one drive fails, you have a complete back-up

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    here are some options


    here is list of 2 bay nas systems

    some of the western digital hard drives (like this one) have two drives and i believe can be set up in a raid format

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