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    apple default print driver problem
    Hi. I have a Mac Pro with Leopard (10.5.2) and an Epson Stylus Pro 4880. When I installed the printer, it required updated drivers to be compatible with Leopard, which I downloaded and installed. However, when I go to print, I only can access the apple default print settings though clearly the Epson driver is being used. I've spent an entire day on the phone with Epson tech support and Apple care but to no avail. The best I could do was create a new user account on the computer, which will allow me to access the Epson Print settings instead of the apple defaults. However, I really need to use the main user, which was created by my IT guy (who is strictly PC), because it is linked to the windows portion of the computer used for inner office email (running parallels). Is it possible that our IT guy has locked preferences in the main account that are causing this problem? He no longer works for our IT company, so I can't ask him. Don't know if this information is useful, but this is the only mac in the office and its connected to a PC based server. Any ideas? Your help would be greatly appreciated! -rw

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    You can try deleting and recreating the printer.
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    i already did that with epson tech support a half dozen times.
    total exercise in futility.

    any other suggestions?

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