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Thread: Wireless Mighty Mouse Connect on Power ON?

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    Wireless Mighty Mouse Connect on Power ON?
    So today I purchased a new Mighty Mouse at the Apple Store.

    I love it, it's everything I wanted. One thing tho...

    I use a MacBook Pro, so I don't always have the need to use my mouse (I usually use it just to game or when I don't want to use the touchpad).

    I make use of the ON/OFF switch at the bottom of the mouse. I was just wondering if there is a way to get the Mighty Mouse to connect when I turn on the Mouse? Thusfar, I have been needing to go to my Bluetooth preferences to manually connect it once it's turned on.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Did you initially "pair" the mouse with your computer? When I turn off my MM, and then later turn it back on, it automatically (after a very brief -- maybe 2 second, interval) starts working again. Should not have to pair again.

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    Same here
    My Mighty Mouse does the very same thing on the iMac.

    I have no problem with the bluetooth keyboard. If I change the batteries in the keyboard, it automatically is connected back to the Mac. Not so with the Mouse.

    They are both paired (acc/ to Bluetooth Prefs).

    What I have done is -- I learned the keystrokes to open up Prefs, so that I can get to Bluetooth Prefs strictly with the keyboard. That way, when I change the Mighty Mouse batteries, I can connect it again manually without having to restart the Mac.

    I haven't figured out what the issue is yet.

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