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    Partitioning my MyBook - Can i save my files?
    Hello, I have my time machine backups on my MyBook right now and i just deleeted some stuff that i had sitting on the drive and now i have about 65 gigs free on it. Is there any way i can partition those 65 gigs without loosing my time machine backups? I want to install leopard on those 65 gigs.


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    I believe there are two ways - but beware - I have not tried any of them

    Using terminal

    Using Linux on a Live CD

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    If you have time machine, then don't you already have Leopard installed? You want to partition your HD so you have Leopard on both partitions?

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    Never mind. I was confused by MyBook, I was reading it MacBook.

    Leopard's Disk Utility will allow you to do a live partition without losing your data. This kind of thing is always risky, but it should work most of the time without any problems.

    In disk utility select the entire disc in the left column and in the partition tab click on the plus sign under the volume scheme chart. Then you should be able to manually move the divider to the correct space that you want. I haven't tried this myself, but I believe that's how it should work. (Important, this will only work in Leopard!)

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    ah, the terminal one worked... Thanks guys

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