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    Buying a external usb 2.0 needs to work on pc/mac.
    hey guys im searching for a good hd to buy thats not going to crap out on me.
    I must be able to read and write off it when im using my pc and or my mac.

    Any suggestions? if so i would greatly appreciate them. Thanks.

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    Hey. I wouldn't mess with reading/writing off both OS's. I have read lots and lots of horror stories of people using NTFS drives with programs to read/write (I lost 13 thousand mp3s because of this but luckily had them backed up on my ipod) and I have read about a LOTTTTT of unstability with keeping the drive in FAT32 as well. I HIGHLY suggest formatting your drive to mac only read/write (NFS+ journaled) and investing in a flash drive to transfer things between the two systems. I'm just giving you a heads up now.
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