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    Unplugged External without Ejecting- Now What
    Hey guys,
    My mac froze up and gave me the wheel of death for about 2 minutes so I just turned it off. I totally forgot that I had my WD Passport in the USB when I did that. So, I turned the computer back on and now the external hard drive WD Passport won't mount or show up on my desktop. I took it to another computer across the hall (also a mac) and it is not mounting there either. Help me out if you can!!! I have about 200 gigs of stuff on there so I really don't need this to happen!!!

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    That's crazy. I unplug my drives all the time without ejecting and have never had a problem. I'd trying plugging into a PC to see what happens. Other than that, you may have to take it to a professional.
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