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    Recommended Drive
    I've had my iMac G5 since summer of '05. I know it's getting old, but I'm trying to squeeze every bit of life out of it I can. Besides, it's still running strong, and I'm trying to save $ for grad school. Anyway, sometime during the Fall of '06 the superdrive just stopped reading discs. I've tried everything software related to fix the issue, so I'm pretty sure the actual drive is bad. Thankfully, I have an external dvd burner that I use which is how I've gone so long without fixing this problem. I think I'd like to fix it now though and take some of the load off of my external. I just want to make sure I get a good replacement drive. All I really need is for it to be able to read CD's...for music and games. If it can do the DVD thing too...that's fine. I can live with or without DVD, since my external can handle that job too. Can anyone recommend a drive (or drives) that I can look into?

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    BTW...My iMac is a 2 GHz PowerPC G5. I'm running OS 10.4.11

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