hey guys,
so i'm looking for
a webcam (with audio) that is compatible with mac os x leopard, with the capability to record to my hard drive. I have a Macbook Pro, 2.20 C2D, with the built in iSight, but it's facing the wrong way.

I'm going to try and record my professor's lectures. I've been looking around and found this one: http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Quick...d_bxgy_e_img_b
but it is a tad expensive, and I'm not sure about compatibility with mac.

I also found this, and it looks like the reviewer is using a mac, (scroll down), and he said that it is a good substitite for plug and play, but still not sure about record.

not that more less expensive, but still like the HD part.

-I have vista installed via bootcamp, so I guess I could go that route, but that would include me having to reinstall, because there is only like 2GB free. Unless I could plug in an external drive, (120GB) and record straight to that......would that work?

And do I need another app. to be able to record?? or would it be included in the software??